Our Mission

We set up smartservices.co in 2020 with a very specific goal of providing a vital social service by using the potential of manpower for domestic activities and office support. India has a huge population which we see as an advantage, rather than a disadvantage, because it presents us with an infinite source of talent and potential that can be tapped for greater good. So we intent to bridge the gap between the service provider and the customer by gathering all the service provider under single roof and providing our customers with their required services.

Our Values

Smart Services as the name suggests being smart by selecting a single vendor who is applicable to provide all the services and fulfil the needs of the customers, it is also an initiative towards helping our customers with their daily difficulties and requirements under a single managing vendor. It was found in late 2020, it has been helped several customers till date. As India is running towards being smart and developed country and many cities in India are under smart city projects which aim to become more standard and clean, where has such Smart Services will be aiming the same goal to accomplish.

Our services are limited to Shivamogga region, but in the coming days we will be aiming to many other cities as well. Will be covering whole shivamogga and other taluks which comes under shivamogga district.

Our team is well experienced and on the same time professional as well. We have served more the 5000 customers with positive feedback. We have professionals who can work day and night as well with accuracy and quality of work.